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Carton Toy - Black Cat
Rhonda Edwards
You had me at meow!

My cats love the cardboard cat bed.

Royal Suite Beige

Perfect for my big ragdolls. Yes they cost more $$ but so much better quality than the cheap ones.

Prima paal

Stevige paal. Geschikt voor stoeiende zware Maine Coon.

The king in his castle

I bought the Loyal Suite for my cats and they couldn’t wait until I put it together. They haven’t stopped played on it or sleeping on it since

Great sturdy cat tree

The cat tree is super secure and was easy to put together. My 2 cats can run and jump all over the tree and it doesn't wobble at all.

Cat Empire Beige
Brianna Zhang
Very well made

5/5 - Height; Quality; and Build. I currently have 3 standard carpeted cat trees, and all except the shorter height one are wobbly when my 11 lb adult cat climbs on them. This Cat Tree King (CTK) tree does not wobble at all, even though it's taller than all my other cat trees. It is also very heavy (in a good way, unless you had plans to move the cat tree around). Also, the CTK tree carpet is a more plush, velvet-like look material, as opposed to traditional carpet. I think the CTK carpet choice looks much more polished and modern. I also think it will be much easier to clean / remove cat hair from this type of carpet, than my other cat trees which have more coarse carpet with high pile loops.

5/5 - Value. Although I purchased the CTK Cat Empire at full price of US $549 (would have loved for it to be on sale, but I'd been waiting for a re-stock for quite some time) I still think it's a great value. The way the cat tree is configured, it's bigger than two of my regular cat trees put side by side and several inches taller. I find that a 'problem' with traditional cat trees is that they're configured such that my cat has no use for the bottom 2 or 3 rungs, which are often directly below the other rungs. The CTK tree is more of a jungle gym + cat tree, which is significantly better. As I expected, my cat does not care for the bottom or middle platforms of the CTK Empire (other than to climb up and down) but she is loving lounging on the 3 separate top rungs consisting of the 2 hammocks and 1 rectangular bed. I also think it would work wonderfully for 2+ cats. I've fostered two adult cats now and even though all my other cat trees also have multiple rungs, my resident cat would freak out anytime the new cat would try and get on the cat tree she was on, because not only would it wobble but she would have to jump from the 69" rung to avoid the foster cat because the traditional cat trees were not 'wide' enough to allow her to come down while avoiding the foster cat. I don't think that will be a problem at all with the CTK Cat Empire, because of how sturdy it is and all of the offset platforms.

5/5 - Aesthetics. My home is decorated in a modern aesthetic and was sad to learn my cat did not like the more modern non-carpeted cat trees. Wish I had learned about CTK sooner, because I do think it's a great compromise on carpeted comfort for my cat and a more modern aesthetic for me. Regardless of what decor style you prefer, I do think the CTK trees looks higher quality than a standard carpeted cat tree, which makes a big difference in your home looking 'nicer'.

3/5 - Chemical Fumes. I am not someone who is sensitive to scents and have purchased my fair share of new furniture and cat trees; however, I've never purchased something that has had such strong VOCs off-gassing fumes. I received 2 out of 3 of the boxes on Friday afternoon and left the items in my office, with the window open and fan running though Sunday evening and I could still smell the fumes in the hallway (even my husband who rarely notices things, complained). We had to move everything to our tiny sunroom area. Even with a tower fan place in front of the materials and the door to the backyard open and the windows open, the fumes did not go away overnight. What ended up helping was that once the 3rd box arrived, I closed off the small sunroom and ran a space heater on the highest setting all morning and most of the afternoon (unfortunately it wasn't sunny or hot outside), then I held my breath and aired out the space towards the backyard with a tower fan. There is still some off-gassing smell, but it's now very minimal so I brought it back into my office and assembled it. My guess is that because I ordered it as soon as there was a restock that the cat tree was very recently made by the factory and the VOCs fumes had not had a chance to fully off-gas. I still think the CTK cat tree is worth it, but maybe next time I'll try and avoid purchasing immediately when there is a restock. I do want to eventually replace my other cat trees with CTK trees.

Mooie krabton

In plaats van de bestelde grijze kreeg ik de crèmekleurige toegestuurd. Toch erg blij mee want deze staat prachtig bij de de eerder bestelde krabpaal.

Mooie krabmeubel

Mooie krabmeubel,ronde mandje is favoriet,hij makelijk in elkaar te zetten en goede service en handig dat je lossen dingen kan bestellen.

Beyond amazing!!

Bought it on Thursday & received it on Tuesday (with Monday being a public holiday) - impressive fast shipping!

The product is perfect in every way: strong sisal posts, soft suede-feel platforms/baskets/beds & a heavy base - all of these combined gave perfectly sturdy support for my cat’s shenanigans!

He’d fallen in love with it from Day 1 - been climbing up & down the posts like a monkey, and chillin’ in the baskets. He’s become the King of this Cat Palace.

The photos on this page don’t really do the product justice - I was pleasantly surprised to see it bigger than I’d originally expected. It’s exceeded all of my expectations - really worth the price!

It took me a long time, almost 4 hours to assemble it by myself (in my mid-forties), because of the naturally heavy weight of the product & my personal joint/back issues.

It came in 3 boxes, with easy to follow diagram for assembly. I’d recommend an extra person helping you out when assembling, however, one person can also do it.

Thank you Cat Tree King for an amazing product & for the speedy customer service responses to all of my enquiries!

Mooi katten huisje

Zeer tevreden over het kattenhuis,goed en stevig materiaal, makkelijk in mekaar te zetten, keurig en stevig verpakt,netjes geleverd.

Snel geleverd

Om de krabpaal voor onze poes uit te breiden is deze verbindingsbout onmisbaar. Let wel op er zijn meerdere maten M8, M10 en M12.

Cat Mansion Beige
Misty Karrh
Platform step’s & cubby

This cat tree is great except the step to jump up and down is too short it doesn’t extend out far enough for a large (long cat) to get down safely. Also the cubby opening is too small neither my small cat or large cat will attempt to get in it. Please extend the steps further need to be double the width if not triple for these large cats. And make the entrance whole to the cubby taller. Thank you for these wonderful products we’ve enjoyed them and the quality so far is great as we’ve had them for years! I do plan on buying more eventually.


Stevige en ruime paal, biedt voldoende uitdaging aan mijn 3 blauwe russen.

I am happy with my purchase

I bought this hoping that it would be spacious enough for my large cat, and it is. I bought a lovely artificial plant for the top. It looks so much better than just a litter tray.

Kattenbak Flower XXL, verborgen kattentoilet (Antraciet)

Amazing cat stand

I got this for my 6 mainecoons & ragdoll & siamese & black moggie omg they love it so much well worth the money

Arbre à chat Royalty (Gris Taupe)

Albero tiragraffi Kilimandjaro de Luxe (Grigio Chiaro)

Tolles Design und sehr gute Qualität

Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Das Design ist echt einer tollen Pflanze oben drauf sieht es in jedem Zimmer toll aus..die Qualität ist toll und auch die Lieferung ging sehr schnell..super verpackt..ich kann es nur empfehlen..


Super qualité prix correct et très apprécié de nos chats 🐈‍⬛

Kratzbaum Royalty (Taupe)
Sabine Borgstädt
Super stabil

Toller Kratzbaum, unser Kater liebt seinen neuen Schlafplatz. Schnelle Lieferung, wenn auch in mehrere Einzellieferungen aufgeteilt.

Mijn katten gaven deze krabpaal onmiddellijk 5 sterren

Gekozen voor de beige/blackline combo nadat de gewone beige uitverkocht bleek te zijn en het past mooi in mijn interieur. Zeer stevig en er is genoeg ruimte voor vier katten om te slapen. In elkaar zetten duurde slechts enkele minuten. Mijn katten gebruiken de krabpaal ook als uitkijktoren om vogels te spotten. Door de hoogte moesten ze wel even uitzoeken hoe ze boven geraakten.


Mooie stevige krabpaal. Goede aankoop!


My cat loves this, I live in a flat with a balcony, so it's nice for her to have somewhere to climb, really pleased with it

Grande Lounge Letto Beige (comprende cuscino)