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Scratching Barrel Pleasure (Light Grey)
Scratching Barrel Pleasure (Light Grey)
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Scratching Barrel Pleasure (Light Grey)

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This is a light grey Scratching Barrel for your indoor cat, or for the Cat Pleasure cat tree from RHR Pets. This is a spare component that you can reorder to replace a current cat tree component. You can buy all your scratching barrel or cat tree components at RHR Pets, your cat tree specialist!

Scratching Barrel Pleasure (Light Grey)Scratching Barrel Pleasure (Light Grey)

Over het product

This is a light grey-coloured round scratching barrel that you can put somewhere in your home or use as a replacement component from RHR Pets. This scratching barrel, which is 70 cm high and has a diameter of 44 cm, can be ordered separately to replace the scratching barrel that comes with the Cat Pleasure. The sisal walls are circa 70 cm high and made from high-quality natural sisal. Of course, you can also put this scratching barrel somewhere in your home on its own! This scratching barrel is not only a fantastic sat hideaway, but - because it is fully upholstered - it is also a wonderful place for your cat to relax or hide on the deliciously thick 600 g/m2 plush pillows (2 included), which have a diameter of circa 45 cm and are circa 8-9 cm thick. With its large entrances with a diameter of 20 cm and the spacious design, it is also especially suitable for the largest and heaviest cats or for multiple cats that want to use it at the same time.

Do you think it is time for a new playhouse after your cats have been using it for several years? You can easily and quickly order a new one from RHR Pets, so your cat can keep enjoying it for years to come!

Over RHR krabpalen

RHR Pets is the largest producer and retailer of cat trees in Europe. All our products are designed and tested at our headquarters in the Netherlands and distributed from there to 15 European countries.

Our customers are our best reference. With over 400,000 followers on social media and more than 30,000 online reviews, they make RHR Pets the benchmark for quality cat trees and cat tree components in Europe.

Our high-quality spare components, which includes hammocks, cat lying areas and sisal poles, are known for their excellent stability, durability and quality. The natural sisal rope on the cat trees is glued from top to bottom so that it does not loosen or break, and all panels are lined with high-quality plush fabric (600g/m2). To ensure the stability of our cat trees, all fixing components are made of ultra-strong ABS plastic and we use a minimum screw size of M8 or M10 everywhere between the sisal poles.

The fact that you can order spare components separately at any time, makes our cat trees unique. Before, you would get rid of your cat tree when used up by your cat. And then you bought a whole new cat tree, which can be a very stressful experience for a cat because his or her safe place is now gone. Ultimately, a cat tree is meant for scratching and for your cat to have its own space. This means that if a component needs to be replaced, you can order it at the push of a button and receive it within a few days. So you don't have to replace the entire cat tree! In short, no stress for you or your cat! That is why we at RHR Pets have about 15,000 components in stock at any given time.


  • This large scratching barrel is a replacement component that is designed to replace components of your cat tree from RHRQuality & RHR Pets, allow you to design your own cat tree or be placed somewhere in your home.
  • Colour: Light grey
  • Dimensions: 70 cm high x 44 cm in diameter
  • 2 Entrances or openings: circa 20 cm in diameter (Your cat can move up or down on the inside through the opening in the middle platform)
  • Compatible with: Placed separately in your home & the Cat Pleasure cat tree from RHR Pets
  • Heavily weighted
  • circa 70 cm-high sisal walls made from high-quality and strong natural sisal
  • If you place this scratching barrel in your home and do not use it as a replacement of the component of the RHRQuality Cat Pleasure cat tree, it is important to note that there are openings for screws that will not hinder or endanger your cat. These openings are not used in this scenario.
  • Upholstered in 600 g/m2 plush
  • This scratching barrel has two lovely thickly upholstered matching pillows that have a diameter of 45 cm and are circa 8 cm thick
  • Weight: circa 10 kg
  • This scratching barrel can be placed somewhere in your home or be used as a replacement component for the cat trees of RHR Pets, including the: Cat Pleasure

Customer Reviews

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C. Baudoin

Een mooie degelijke ton. De kat gebruikt alle slaapplaatsen. De sisal is fijn om de nagels in te zetten. Kat tevreden, personeel ook tevreden.
Laat ik de snelle service niet vergeten. Dank

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